News & Activities

July, 2023: Attending ICML in Honolulu to present Settling the Reward Hypothesis.

May, 2023: Attending Upperbound in Edmonton, Canada.

April, 2023: Appointed Adjunct Professor of Computing Science at the University of Alberta.

April, 2023: Settling the Reward Hypothesis, accepted to ICML 2023 as an oral!

March, 2023: Two ICLR workshop papers, led by Rafael Rafailov: [pdf-1], [pdf-2].

February, 2023: In Barbados for the RL Workshop on Lifelong Learning.

December, 2022: New paper on settling the reward hypothesis: [pdf].

December, 2022: Two NeurIPS workshop papers: [paper-1], [paper-2].

October, 2022: Talk at UMass Amherst.

September, 2022: Started as a research scientist at Intel AI.

August, 2022: Serving as a workflow chair for AAAI 2023.

May, 2022: Talk at RLDM Agency Workshop.

May, 2022: ICRA workshop paper: [pdf].

March, 2022: Three RLDM papers: [pdf-1], [pdf-2], [pdf-3].

February, 2022: Outstanding Reviewer award by the IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering.

December, 2021: Lecturing at the NAAMII Nepal Winter AI School. [Lecture 1 slides] [Lecture 2 slides]

May, 2021: Started a post-doc with Michael Bowling at the University of Alberta!

April, 2021: Sucessfully defended my PhD thesis! [pdf].

November, 2020: Talk at UC Berkeley.

July, 2020: Three IROS papers: [paper-1], [paper-2], [paper-3].

June, 2020: ICML paper: [paper].

May, 2020: Guest lecture at Stevens Institute of Technology. [slides]

March, 2020: Attended the Annual Machine Learning Symposium at the New York Academy of Sciences. [poster]

January, 2020: Interning with with Joseph Modayil at DeepMind in Edmonton, Canada.

November, 2019: Talk at MIT.

October, 2019: Talk at DeepMind in Edmonton, Canada.

October, 2019: Two NeurIPS workshop papers.

September, 2019: Talk at the American Alpine Club. [link]

August, 2019: Talk at Google Robotics in New York City.

July, 2019: Featured in the American Alpine Club journal from its Philadelphia chapter. [link]

March, 2019: Interning with Marc G. Bellemare at Google Brain.

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